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  • $150 per 90 minute session with a free 20 minute consultation. All sessions done remotely.

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Why choose hypnosis?

$150 per 90 minute session with a free 20 minute consultation. All sessions done remotely.


Learn how to deeply relax

your body and silence mental chatter.

Clients who do self hypnosis often use this

at night to fall asleep, 

and to sleep more hours



Prior trauma has a way of

sticking around. It can influence and impact

the quality of your life. Within a few sessions,

Deborah’s unique skill set can help you get on the other side of these issues



Ruminating Thoughts / Fears

Social Anxiety

Negative Self Talk 

People Pleasing Behaviors




Learn how to use your mind

and your imagination to influence how you feel


Deborah has created a program that empowers patients to shift out of fear /

depression / victim mode  into a mindset that’s ready and focused to support healing. Patients learn how to use the mind to help their body heal, while getting through their medical treatments  more comfortably



Learn how to work with your body during labor  to deliver faster and more comfortably

Free yourself from insecurities / imprints of neg role models  to be the parent you want your child to have


Hypnosis is a perfectly safe, natural state of mind that occurs multiple times a day. Some common examples: driving on the freeway and missing your exit because you were deep in thought, or losing a sense of time while reading an excellent book or engaged in a hobby. This mental experience is

characterized by a highly focused state of attention in which everything else recedes into background awareness. We shift in and out of this relaxed state easily because we are in full control of that mental experience. In a therapeutic session, a Clinical/Medical Support Hypnotherapist gently guides the client into this relaxed state for healing purposes.

Our Clinical/Medical Support Hypnotherapist is trained in helping patients dealing with emotional issues, medical challenges—or both, for they often overlap. This happens because our thoughts and emotions influence our physical body. At Gentle Wellness Center, our philosophy is to treat the whole person, which includes emotional well-being. Towards that end, hypnosis and guided imagery (active visualization) are effective, highly creative therapies that create profound rapid changes.

CANCER SUPPORT: Deborah offers an entire program for those dealing with cancer. (See below)


Anxiety / Fear / Stress

Anger / Resistance

Traumatic Events / Triggers

Self-Esteem Issues

Life Transitions/ Decisions

Sadness / Grief


Physical Pain

Body Needs to Relax

Silence Mental Chatter

Sleep Issues

Personal Goals

Pre-surgical anxiety



Weight Loss

QUIT SMOKING: An entire program is here for you, with proven success.


Deborah’s sessions uniquely blend together hypnosis, guided imagery (active visualization techniques),

NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), and life coping skills.

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$150 per 90-minute session. All sessions are done remotely.

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“I remain humbled and in awe of the inherent wisdom within each client. The answers to our issues are indeed within us. My role is to guide you there.”


Your Provider

Deborah Gallinger, CCHt.

Deborah Gallinger has worked in healthcare for over 25 years. As a Clinical/Medical Support Hypnotherapist, clients seek Deborah’s services for a wide range of issues within the physical and emotional health spectrum.

Deborah’s journey working in health care has taken several turns, each building upon another, culminating in what she loves to do today. Background education / certifications: Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant CA (1992), Certified Massage Therapist (1999), Guided Imagery Therapist (2002), BA from UCLA (2004), studying the intersection of health, healing, spirituality and the arts— each step deepening her drive and passion to uncover the root cause of people’s suffering, and to help them overcome it.

This is what motivated her to become a Certified Clinical/Medical Support Hypnotherapist in 2007 (Hypnotherapy Academy of America, NM). Deborah is an active member of the ACHE (American Council of Hypnotist Examiners).

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